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Why and How to Transcribe Your Podcasts

Podcasting is an audio exclusive platform, so why spend the time, energy, and potentially money on putting our spoken word into writing? You may be correct in thinking that a large portion of your listeners will not benefit from you transcribing your podcast. The other portion, though, would otherwise find your podcast inaccessible, or at the very least, not user-friendly.  While we all love helping make our podcast more accessible for all, the fact of the matter is that transcribing will also help your podcast become easier to find online too.

The beauty of podcasting is that our words have the power to affect everyone who our message can reach. According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population has disabling hearing loss – which equates to roughly 430 million people. If we do not manage to put our words into writing, we make our podcast either difficult or impossible to listen to and enjoy. However, that does not mean those individuals should be unable to read what we have to say, which requires it to be transcribed.

It is also worth noting that there are individuals who have no hearing impairments that enjoy reading podcasts. I love listening to podcasts, but occasionally someone mentions something I cannot exactly make out but that piques my interest – normally in the form of TV shows, video games, places, websites, products, etc. In those cases, being able to scroll over to read the transcript and find out how it is written is a huge convenience.  I would also bet money that there are a small handful of individuals out there that just prefer reading podcasts over listening, even when they can hear just fine. 

Now that we have gotten all the noble reasons out of the way, let us just say the big reason – it improves your Search Engine Optimization. For those of you not familiar with SEO, you can simplify it as “how google-able you are.” Only those who are extremely strategic or lucky in creating their podcast name can get their podcast to show up in search results when looking for it by name without a little help. Having a website is vital, even if it is just the one that typically comes with your podcast hosting, like with Buzzsprout. But what if you can find your podcast not only by its name, but by every word you talk about? It will not happen naturally – computers read, they do not listen. You must transcribe your podcast to make every word, phrase, and sentence searchable. 

How does someone go about transcribing their podcast? There is the obvious but painful way of listening to your podcast and typing out every single word and punctuation. This is a great solution for those who do not have expendable income and have all the time in the world, but it does require a certain skill to be able to transcribe accurately and not be driven mad. 

There is a middle of the road solution, which would be using a subscription service like Descript to do it for you. Their transcription services use computer magic to automatically transcribe your podcast with 80-90% effectiveness. You can upload that as-is, but keep in mind that your podcast will read like ‘that friend’ everyone has that uses voice to text but never bothers to read if it came out clearly. Only having to correct 10-20% of your podcast is certainly better than having to do its entirety at least!

The most convenient and effective way to get professional level transcriptions for your podcast is to leave it to us experts. Our team at KJST has all the tools and time at our disposal to turn your podcast and audio into accurate and easy to read transcriptions for your podcast. If you are interested in taking your podcast to the next level with our transcription services, click here!

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