How does this work?

How the process comes together for every podcast is different.

Get up and Running in a few easy steps

Over the last few years, our team has worked tirelessly to create the most efficient, most simply laid out process to get your polished podcast back into your hands in no time. Once you’ve made the decision to join the KJST Media family, it’s as easy as creating a cloud folder, submitting your files, and sitting back to let us do our magic!
Step 01

Signup & Setup

After going through our product and package selections, you should be able to builde your desired package and then checkout. Once you’ve checked out and your payment has been processed, you will receive a step by step instructional document in the portal after you log in. If you’re stuck on a step schedule a call or email us.
Step 02


Follow the template outlined in the instructions document relating to your package and submit any relevant files to us via the shared folders you’ve set up. Once we’ve received your submission, you’ll have a client manager notify you that your files are in the queue for processing and we’ll ask for anything that might have been missed.
Step 03


Whether it’s producing, writing, transcribing, recording, designing, or even strategizing, this is where the magic happens. If there are any questions or issues related to your work order we will be in touch to clarify.
Step 04

Quality Control

After processing, your files will go through the quality phase and be reviewed. This will allow us to give you a polished end-product like no other.
Step 05

Return & Revise

Once quality control is passed, your files will be uploaded to the completed folder of your shared account. You will be notified that the process is
complete. If there are any revisions, this is where we take care of them.

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